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You have been having a wonderful time partying with your goblin harem. For a couple of days you have chilled with them, worry free. Your great wit and charm has won over most of the goblin clan and put you in very high regard. On the Third day however, a man comes into the goblin caves. He has come from where your friends left, behind the statue. He approaches you, accompanied by his two bodyguards, tatiana and X:

“The goblins speak greatly of your deeds. I have a request to make of you… Ah but i forget to introduce myself, i am the Baron Rocco, and i need your assistance in finding some tresures that belonged to my family. Appearantly they have been hidden all this time. I am quite sure they are still there, Hidden somewhere. If you will do it, i am sure there will be some other treasures alongside my own that will make it well worth your while. Excellent! here, this parchment contains the only clue as to the whereabouts of my belongings. good luck Paela.

The parchment reads…

“Look to the left of where the sun rises, Follow the water’s trail, The badgers will show you the way…”

Ulga will accompany Paela.

This will lead north,

along the way, encounter 1 happens. about halfway to Valleycrest. There will be a huge badger shaped rock in the middle of nowhere. a dc 15 wisdom check reveals it is badger shaped. dc 18 search at the base reveals a secret hole. following the tunnel leads to what appears to be a cavern. almost like a little city of badgers. holes in the ceiling let in light. badgers of every shape and size. suddenly they all scramble past you deeper into the cave. into a hole, some large badgers stay behind, they appear to be guarding the door. encounter 2

some badgers shuffle out and sniff the bodies, a couple more appear to drag them out. a big badger comes forward carrying a key in his mouth. he then turns and walks away. Olga says she thinks you should follow him.

they walk through some other caverns, little badger dens spot the caves. eventually you come to a door, there is no handle or anything. no visible hinges. a decent search check reveals a dusty button to the side. they hear a click, and from below a button, a little door opens from the door. it contains the puzzle. upon opening it, they can see nothing. hopefully they walk inside. they come out on the side of a mountain. the cliff they are on justs out about 20 feet, and has a sheer drop. the rock around them is red. they are miles up, and can see far far into the distance. they hear sounds from the mountain beneath them. to the right there are stairs leading downward. at the bottom of the stairs is a sort of booth. inside is a goblin wearing a little blue coat and hat.

“names?” he asks, as they speak he scribbles on some paper. “purpose?” he scribbles some more and hands them each a name tag. “they magically adhere to your clothing, don’t worry, they come off without any residue! move along now” before they can say anything else a pair of goblins wearing leather armor begins prodding them along the next flight of stairs. the stairs turn sharply into the cliff, and you see what all the noise was. it appears to be a goblin city. you see a couple of bugbears ambling about, and even a human or two, but they all seem very busy. the goblins usher them through this level and up a flight of stairs on the other side, which leads into the cliff. it spirals upward for what feels like forever.suddenly you see the light at the end, and you come out on a huge flat cliff, this one pokes out really far, it appears as if it would be about the size of a football field. scattered about are some strange metal machines. there is a booth next to the entrance. a goblin clerk there becons them over. “are you the party scheduled for today’s flight?” “these are ornithopters, the most modern method of personal air travel, there will be one for each of you, the badger will ride with you, they are really quite simple to fly, Jovie here will show you how it’s done. Hey, Jovie!” he calls over a goblin tinkering with a nearby ornithopter. “give these guys the rundown, they’re headed down towards the tail peaks!”

“righto boss” says Jovie. he describes how to fly and the defensive systems on it. eventually they take off.

they head out. a couple of hours and everything is going smoothly, suddenly they are attacked! encounter 3

they finally arrive, and it is apparent where to land, there is a large circular valley in the mountains, there is a hut next to a large flat space. upon landing, a goblin comes out, waves, points in a certain direction and goes back inside. upon following this direction, they are lead to a cave.

level 4 3ncounter on page 163, level 4 kobold encounter, page 169
    • Level 5 Solo Brute
    • Bloodmaw the Bear
    • Large natural beast (undead)
    • XP 1000
    • Initiative 4
    • Senses 5; darkvision
    • HP 314; Bloodied 157
    • AC 21; Fortitude 22, Reflex 16, Will 19
    • Saving throws+5
    • Speed 8
    • Action points2
    • Claw (standard; at-will)
    • +9 vs. AC; 1d8 + 4 damage
    • Cave Bear Frenzy (standard; recharge 5|6)
    • Close burst 1; targets enemies; +9 vs. AC; 1d8 + 4 damage
    • Consume (immediate reaction, when an adjacent creature is reduced to 0 hp; when first bloodied)  •  Healing
    • The triggering creature is killed, and the deathhunger creature either regains 80 hp, or gains a permanent +2 bonus to AC
    • Bloodied Ferocity ((while bloodied))
    • The deathhunger creature gains +2 to damage
    • Fast Healing
    • When the deathhunger creature regains hit points, it regains 10 additional hit points
    • Align. Unaligned
    • Lang.
    • Skills
    • Str 20 (+7)
    • Dex 13 (+3)
    • Wis 14 (+4)
    • Con 15 (+4)
    • Int 2 (—2)
    • Cha 12 (+3)
    • Equipment -
    • Tactics Bloodmaw wades into combat, often beginning with a charge. He claws foes with reckless abandon, using cave bear frenzy if he’s adjacent to two or more targets. If he drops a target, he uses consume to kill it and regain hit points.
    • Created with’s DM Tools

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